Thursday, December 17, 2015

GENIE 38501R 1-Button, Love this new garage controller because of the size being ... in my opinion

The few days earlier. I search for information on the GENIE 38501R 1-Button Remote, so i have to tell.

Despite the other reviews my works fine. have it shipped very fast as well. I'm not sure about the range, however, it works fine in my driveway. I need to open my own garage by huge distances.

GENIE 38501R 1-Button Remote

The sleek design of this Genie part # 38501R one button Intellicode remote features one large button to allow for easy operation of a compatible garage door opener. This remote is designed to work with Genie Intellicode or Overhead Door CodeDodger garage door opener. Auto seek frequency range - this remote is designed to communicate with the garage door opener by automatically .... Read more or Check Price


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